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Mosaic Lamp DIY Lamp Craft Kit Portakali

Mosaic Lamp DIY Lamp Craft Kit Portakali

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 Sultan's Treasure's DIY Mosaic Lamp Craft Kit! Packed in our Studio using all of the best of the best materials! 

Yes on Small Stand Lamp DIY kits only! Buy 1 Get 1 Free!! Choose your 2! Discount calculated at checkout! (max 4 per transaction) YOU Must add 2 Standard Lamp Kits for the discount to apply)

Portakali Orange and Red fits the modern boho room or scrumptious hang out!

What makes our DIY kits the best? Ample quantities of beads and cut glass! Stick to our design or go rogue! Design your own beautiful lamp 

Every kit comes with full colour step by step instructions! and multiple design choices. 

We sell everything separately, if you want to add some flavour to your lamp and bespoke it your way we sell beads and cut glass in 100gm amounts! Choose blue but maybe add some pink?

If you dont want to grout your lamp choose to add on our fantastic hand packed waterproof silicon in syringe applicator!

Whats in the Box?

Whats in a DIY Lamp Kit?

-Easy step by step COLOUR instructions

-Enough Beads and Pre Cut glass to experiment your design!

-Design Place mat with options to plan out your design before you start

-Grout and Grout instructions to finish your lamp to the best finish it can be 

-Australian Standard Lamp Base with LED Globe to light up your creation (once it has dried of course)

-The best artist mediums that money can buy so you are getting the best result from your craft investment

-The support of a small family business who wants you to have a good time and enjoy this craft!

Whats in a Hanging Tealight DIY box? This is not an electrical item!

Comes with Tealight insert

Silicon and silicon instructions for attachment of metal after mosaicing and grouting

Top and bottom Metal

13cm Glass

Mosaic Bits and pieces and seed beads in your chosen colour


Toolkit i including glue and grout

We have hand packed everything in Australia from locations around the world - we do this so you have the best of the best!


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Tech Specs and the Nitty Gritty

This Product is assembled an boxed to the best of our ability and wealth of experience.

Every DIY LAMP Box Contains: 

Blank Glass 

Cut Glass Pieces 



Grout Mix


LED Globe 


Lamp Stand of your choice

It is not a toy and is a craft that should be enjoyed by mature individuals over 15 years of age ( younger children (9+ should be assisted when participating in the craft)

We have included everything you will need in perfect amounts to create a finished lamp to our designs. If you feel you would like to make changes to the intended finish feel free to purchase additional cut glass and beads from out online store. 

We advise that you plan out your lamp before applying to the glue stage. Follow the instructions and also watch our online tutorials in regards to gluing so that you don't use too much or too little. 

I dont want to grout my lamp, Do I have to?

If you dont want to grout we recommend that you upgrade your glue to Silicon that we hand pack in our studio - it has a higher viscosity and means that you can really imbed those beads!

Our unique silicon and applicator is the best glue on the market and we reccomend adding one to your cart to compare!.

Please use our kits within a month of receiving and store in a cool place as we will not accept returns based on glue having dried whilst in storage.

Our lamps run on electricity - please follow common safety precautions when operating. Do not assemble lamp until 24 hrs after drying.  Our E14 4W bulbs are screw in and should be screwed in until finger firm but not over tightened. Please always inspect lamp for damage before operating.

Please operate Lamps away from water and inside the home.

Un-grouted lamp shades will drop beads off occasionally we advise to follow the grouting instructions and grout your lamp to prolong its life!

All our lamp bases come with a 1 year warranty

Sit back make a cuppa and enjoy!

Shipping & Returns

All Our Products Delivered With Australia Post - If AusPost does not service your area please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a courier.

Please see our Terms and Conditions

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Loved making the lamps with my mother in law. With her not being able to get out and about much anymore it was a great fun activity for her to do in doors. Plus they look great.

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