Who are we?

Sian and Erdem Kocamis! Sultan’s Treasure started as a little dream.We were newly married and we took the punt on ourselves and our mixed bag of talents.

With many helpers along the way we purchased our first van “Danny” filled it up with consignment stock and headed up the coast from Sydney.

Blown tires, a faulty alternator and a tricky indicator Danny Van had us touring the market circuit of beautiful South East Queensland.

We didn’t make any money, had lots of arguments but kept on going.

We took the gamble to open in Indooroopilly shopping centre for Christmas trade in 2012. Using furniture we found off the side of the road we set up shop and made a very small profit and decided that we might just have what it takes…maybe..

Many Christmases later and 100s of pop up stores we are still going and have settled in beautiful sunny Perth. We now have 2 gorgeous boys who are our side kicks and know the business nearly as well as us.

The business has evolved but we stick by our passion for reliability, honesty, generosity and most of all humour and hospitality.

What will you see when you come to Sultan’s Treasure?

Immerse yourself in a colourful Journey to Turkey!

Sultan's Treasure brings to you the beauty and the knowledge of Turkey's hidden treasures.
Turkey is a unique and diverse nation with a rich history. The Ottoman Empire lasted more than 600 years and what remains of their legacy is a country rich in crafts and craftsmanship; with unique utilitarian perspective and a fantastic use of colour.

We select the best that we can – pack it all up and bring it to your local shopping centre so you can enjoy it too!

What we do!

Wow we are busy! We are the ultimate Colourful Authentic Turkish Gift Shop!

-We host beautiful Art classes! Make your Own Mosaic Lamp With us!

- We sell DIY kits and Mosaic Bits so you can make your lamp at home.

-We Sell colourful boho gypsy hand painted Homewares

-Divine rugs and Textiles

- A huge selection of Evil Eye Jewellery and Hanging Ornaments

-Boho Clothing!

- Tiles

Can’t Make it to one of our stores?

Take home Art in a box!

Make a DIY Mosaic Lamp in the comfort of your own home.

With all instructions and everything you need to make your own lamp right in the comfort of your own home.

Queue the kettle ( or the wine ) get some friends together and make some art!

Our Online Shop will keep you going until one day we can meet you in person!