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Evil Eye 100% Soy candles - Sultan's Treasure

Evil Eye 100% Soy candles - Sultan's Treasure

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Evil Eye 100% Soy Candles - Beautiful smells and the added charm of Evil Eye lucky charms!

To get the BUY one Get 1 Free REMEMBER to ADD 2 to your cart so we know what smells you want! 

New to Sultan's Treasure! 

These delightful candles are a pleasure to gift and use! 

4 Gorgeous smells and 2 convenient sizes! 

Let your senses run away with you - your home will smell great and have the added protection of the universal lucky eye charm 

We may not have the tech of smell on the internet yet but read these and imagine! 

Rich Flower - Ever walked into a florist store and just breathed in the rich natural smell of freshly cut flowers? This is as close as you are going to get! Fresh and honest with slightly sweet tone

Fig n Sandy Sea - Your walking down a promenade on the Mediterranean and the sun is heating up the leaves of the fig trees that bound the cove - the wind is flowing in off the sea and there is the smell of salt and fresh sea air - my only trouble is figuring out which cafe to sit at. 

Jungle Attachment - Its a lazy Sunday and you hear kitchen sounds and smell coffee. Your very good looking beau is cooking you breakfast in bed - you slip on their over sized Tshirt and snuggle into its scent to read your new "favour - tist" novel.

Amber Ocean - How is it that they can smell this good? Its a first date but its like you have known each other forever. Your sitting with your feet dangling over the wharfs edge watching the sun set over the Indian ocean, conversation is easy and you have so much in common nothing could top this! (except this candle of course :) 





Product Information

100% Soy Candle

14 Oz and 8 oz Varieties

4 unique rich smells

14 OZ Varieties come with a Hamsa hand and a Lucky Evil Eye and assorted Crytals

8 Oz Varieties come with Hamsa hand and assorted crystals

Please follow the burning instructions on the back of the box (keep the instructions for further reference

Please keep lit candles away from children - animals never leave candles unattended

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