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DIY Mosaic Tealight Craft Kit -Portakal (Orange & Red)

DIY Mosaic Tealight Craft Kit -Portakal (Orange & Red)

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Check the Product information below all the awesome info on this fun DIY Mosaic Craft Kit!

Whats in the Box!

Are you ready to Mosaic! Whether your an advanced Mosaicing genius or a beginner you will love this Luxury Mosaic Craft Kit.

It comes with everything you need to make 1 of these beautiful Tealights and light it up and enjoy for years to come!

-Easy step by step colour instructions

-Enough Beads and Pre Cut glass to make up to 3 different designs (or go rouge and change things up)( we also sell packs of cut glass and beads separately for you to really customize your tealight)

-Design Placemat with options to plan out your design before you start

-Grout and Grout instructions to finish your lamp to the best finish it can be 
-The best artist mediums that money can buy so you are getting the best result from your craft investment

-The support of a small family business who wants you to have a good time and enjoy this craft!

We have hand packed everything in Australia from locations around the world - we do this so you have the best of the best!
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The Nitty Gritty

Product Specs
Whats included
Tealight Glass Blank
Enough Cut Glass and Seed Beads to make 1 tealight
Glue – Specilised preloaded vacuume sealed silicone for best adhesion and results
Grout – The best whitest Grout we can find for a waterproof and lasting result

Terms and Conditions
This is a craft product – hand cut glass and hand packaged beads may not be uniform in size and shape – we will endeavour to pack 10% more so to cater for odd shapes and small irregularities.
We have carefully packed and measured everything so there is enough to comfortably make a beautiful finished product.
For this reason we advise that our steps and instructions are adhered to for the best possible outcome.
Glue and Grout has a shelf life so we advise that the kit is used in at least a month of delivery
We will not refund or exchange for kits that are used after this 1 month of delivery.
Replacement Glue can be purchased from our website or contact us to advise on a product that may be suitable for you.
Silicone is fast drying and water proof – we advise that you follow the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet ) for safety and best practice.
Silicone will dry clear but can leave a residue on top of the surface of glass – keep hands clean and do not use too much glue so to keep your mosaic neat and tidy.
Our White Grout is the best quality – please watch our instructional video for best application process
This Craft is best done from start to finish – please expect the process to take 2 - 3 hrs to complete for the first stage and 1 hr in the second stage (grouting
We have published how to videos on our website – please feel free to watch all of these before starting.
This kit is suitable for children to adults – due to the size of the applicator children over 9 get more enjoyment from this craft.
Usage by children must have adult supervision – this is a craft to enjoy together!

Shipping & Returns

All our products are delivered via Australia Post - if you are outside of their service area we will find a courier to service you! Just let us know what you would prefer and we can arrange a special quote
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